Preparing to Sell – Staging the outside of your home

Here is a list of items to make your outdoor space show-ready. It is not meant to cause stress, just do what you can, in the time you have. The most important items, for greatest visual impact are at the top of the list. These items will give you the biggest bang for your time but if you make it through the list, not only will your likelihood of selling quickly increase, but the home inspector will have less to put on his inspection report.

  • Re-paint the outside and trim of your home, if chipping or dull. First impressions are so important!
  • Clean out your entry way. Sweep the cob webs away and tidy up. You can make it extra special with a wreath and some charming decor by the doorway.
  • Re-paint the front door and entryway for maximum impact. Buyers stand here, looking at the entry, while their agents, find the key and open the door.
  • Mow, trim and weed your yard.
  • Clean your decks, porches, furniture and grill to let your buyers know that the outdoor space is usable too.
  • Prepare your garden area, adding some color will entice buyers into your yard.
  • o Clean your garage and remove things for donation, a garage sale or stow things nicely for your move.
  • Clean your gutters. Grab a ladder, glove and long hose. Most important for this job is safety, so make sure you always put your ladder on stable ground. First clean the gutters themselves and then run the hose to do the final cleaning. Now move to the down spouts and make sure they are clean by running water through them. Lastly, and most important of all, make sure the downspouts have extensions on them so that the water is carried at least 5 feet from the foundation. Water causes expensive damage to foundations and if your buyers are using FHA loans, these will be required.
  • Clean your window wells. This helps with looks but can be an issues of water intrusion also. If your window wells are full, water can seep in through the windows and water staining will be called out by a home inspector during inspection.
  • Clean out your dryer vents. Ok, this is an indoor/outdoor task, but it is very important as clogged dryer vents can cause fires. Start from behind your dryer and use a dryer vent brush to push out the lint, then go to the exterior, remove the vent cover and grab all the lint you pushed out. Clean the vent and put it back on.
  • Finally, step to the curb and take a photo of your home. Look at the photo with a critical eye, as if you were a buyer, and see if there are any problem areas that you see, that you could correct.

I hope this checklist helps with your organization and cleaning. If need anyone to help with your tasks, just contact me and I can give you referrals.
As always, let me know if there is in the world that I can do for you!